Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Scannable Résumé: 10 Easy Steps

What is a scannable résumé?

It is a document that can be successfully scanned using certain technology such as a graphic image, which then converts it back to text. This enables employers to receive your hard-copy résumé, place your it into a database, and retrieve it later. These databases are designed to allow the employer to search and select possible candidates based on nouns and keywords found within your résumé.

Formatting your résumé to a scannable version has never been easier:

1. Copy the entire MS Word résumé.
2. Paste the document into Notepad.
3. Click on 'Format' and uncheck the 'Word Wrap' feature.
4. Save your document as a .txt file in Notepad for future use.
5. Replace all bullets with asterisks (*) or dashes (-)
6. Make sure your name, phone number and email address are all on separate lines from the rest of your résumé and that your name is located on the first line.
7. Keep your document, including dates, justified to the left.
8. Convert the entire document to Courier font.
9. Use keywords and verbatim wording from the job description (that way, the scanner will pick them up). Support the skills with your work experience.
10. Save all of your changes and voilà.
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