Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Pays to Volunteer

With the increassed competition among University and College grads, volunteering may give you the personal edge that sets you apart from others and adds experience to your specialized wealth of knowledge.

  • allows you to develop new skills

  • expands your horizons

  • helps your community

  • expands your network

  • strengthens your resume

  • provides personal satisfaction

  • helps to add or polish "soft skills" such as:

    • tranferable skills (interpersonal, communication, computer, and reasoning skills)

    • personal management (organizational, money, time, health, and lifestyle management)

    • work specific skills (skills directly related to the job)

Where to find volunteer placements:
  • kiosks

  • friends/acquaintances

  • local agencies

  • career sites/bulletin boards

  • career counselling centres

Where to find social service volunteer opportunities in Ottawa:
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