Monday, October 6, 2008

When no new job postings exist, take the opportunity to brush up on your cover letter and résumé.

The Cover Letter: Getting Your Foot in the Door

Your cover letter is the initial evaluation of your skills, your résumé, and your personality both as a worker and as a person. Your cover letter should remain brief and simple, but clear and concise. This may seem contradictory, but it the key is to wow your potential employer quickly so that he/she will review your résumé and hopefully request an interview. [...]

How To Create An Effective Social Service Résumé

Developing a concise well-written résumé is the key to landing that great job you’ve always wanted. Your résumé is the only real way to sell yourself, especially nowadays when most résumés are submitted electronically. Hopefully this entry will provide several important tips to make sure that your résumé stands out amongst the rest. [...]

Use Key Words to Beef Up Your Resume

You should always seek key words from within the job advertisement itself in order to make sure they are included in your resume. However, many other key words exist that are sure to be caught by scanners and potential employers. [...]
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